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Employee Resources

Credit Union

In 1985 Resources for Human Development created Trouvaille Federal Credit Union, an employee-owned and operated federal credit union housed in the RHD Central Office. This credit union serves all RHD employees and their families. Once an individual becomes a member, he or she may remain a member even if they are no longer employed by RHD. Services include Share Accounts (savings, holiday and vacation clubs), Share Draft Accounts (checking), Certificates of Deposit Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and loans. All accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

Employee Assistance

Helping Hands is the employee assistance program at Resources for Human Development. This is a problem-solving service, which prides itself on providing free and/or low-cost counseling for employees and their families. Couples and family counseling is available, and Helping Hands can also provide grief counseling, critical incident debriefing or stress management workshops to our units.

Internal Education

Miniversity is a free internal education program designed for employees of Resources for Human Development. It is also offered to non-employees at a low cost. There are a wide variety of courses available, including Human Service Skills, Supervisor Training, Computer Skills and even cooking classes. Miniversity is designed to help RHD employees gain the knowledge they need to improve their performance in their professional and personal lives.

RHD also offers a Leadership Development Program, which helps provide continuing education for career advancement, and prepares employees to become better leaders.


'I feel blessed that RHD offered me this opportunity'

RHD's Leadership Development Program is an internal education program aimed at identifying and preparing the kinds of leaders valued by RHD and those we serve. Read about Else, Darline, Traci and the RHD employees who graduated from LDP having grown as leaders and people.

Educational Assistance


RHD makes scholarships and low-interest loans toward the cost of education available to qualified employees. The funding for educational assistance is provided by the corporation and is based on the availability of funds each year and is allocated on a first come/first served basis. Recently RHD announced a unique partnership with Capella University that includes discounts on tuition and scholarship assistance.