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RHD’s Family Practice and Counseling Network operates community health care centers in three of Philadelphia’s medically underserved neighborhoods. The centers employ a nurse-managed model to deliver caring, quality primary health care, behavioral health services, dental care, and prevention programs that integrate services in treating the whole patient. The Network has earned national recognition as a "best practices" model of health care delivery.

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Lower Merion Counseling Services offers affordable and accessible therapeutic counseling for children, adults and families. You can find these and other programs to fit your needs in the list provided below. 

'This is our community'

Staffers at RHD's Abbotsford-Falls health center, part of the Family Practice and Counseling Network, came across a woman in their community who was particularly challenging and very much in need of care. They came together in an extraordinary effort to provide housing, health care and other support that helped turn her life around. Read the story here.

Highly-respected people in the field work at RHD's programs. Donna Torrisi wrote the book on nurse-managed health centers – literally. Torrisi, the executive director of the Family Practice and Counseling Network, co-authored the definitive text on the subject: "Community and Nurse-Managed Health Centers: Getting them Started and Keeping Them Going."

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You can find a program to fit your needs from our list at the bottom of this page.

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FPCN was featured in USA Today as an example of new model of health care in a front-page story titled "Innovative health programs counter primary care shortage"

'A Great Gift'

Family Practice & Counseling Network's connection to the community it serves shows in the loyalty and affection of one of its first patients. You can read Ethel's story here.