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Healing Ajax

Web Site www.healingajax.org
Service Areas
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Behavioral Health
  • Homelessness
  • Veterans Issues
Description Healing Ajax is an innovative, brothers-in-arms approach to helping Iraq, Afghanistan and other war veterans reintegrate into society. It's possible that only a fellow veteran can truly understand the transition from battlefield to homefront. We've been there. “Healing Ajax” is not clinical therapy - it’s a peer support group, in which veterans successfully share their traumatic events and coping skills with their comrades who are going through similar experiences. It’s veterans helping veterans, making sure their brothers and sisters don’t feel alone, giving them a support network, helping them get the assistance they need - in a way that protects their anonymity. There's no stigma, no obligation, no cost.
  • Tom Wagner, Director
Contacts Phone: 215-778-0935
E-mail: tom.wagner@rhd.org
Falls Center
3300 Henry Ave.
Suite 103
Philadelphia, PA 19129
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Start Year 2009
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