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  • Behavioral Health
Description Haldeman-Grant is a residential program that provides the services needed for an individual to maintain independence in the community around them. Haldeman-Grant support’s individuals who are Aging In Place and require support, medically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Haldeman-Grant fosters a nurturing atmosphere of trust, support, independence, and safety. It is a program that facilitates growth by building trust between the staff and the program participants. Support services, at Haldeman-Grant, are person-centered and bi-lateral with an equal exchange between the participant and staff. The focus remains wellness and recovery.
  • Dianna Coleman, Director
Contacts Phone: 267-686-5120
Phone: 267-686-5121
Fax: 267-686-5123
E-mail: dianna.coleman@rhd.org
10714 Haldeman Ave.
# F-12
Philadelphia, PA 19116
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Start Year 2014
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