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RHD of Middle Tennessee (Respite)

Service Areas
  • Behavioral Health
  • Employment & Training
  • Returning Citizens
Description RHD of Middle Tennessee contains two units: Nashville Community Intensive Service (NCIS), a program for medically fragile people with developmental abilities, and Mainstay Music City, which supports clients with developmental abilities and a history of sex-offending behaviors and/or people in recovery who are challenged with mental health issues. The program promotes independence and personal growth for adults who are at-risk or in need of clinical/forensic treatment. This transitional program serves as a supervised step toward reintegration into appropriate community based settings.
  • Aaron Jolly, Director
Contacts Phone: 615-891-4688
Fax: 615-891-4691
E-mail: aaron.jolly@rhd.org
1102 Kermit Drive
Nashville, TN 37217
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Start Year 2006
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