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Bright Lights Initiative

Web Site www.thebrightlights.org
Service Areas
  • Nonprofit Incubator
Description Bright Lights Initiative fosters positive citizenship development for children in the historically neglected neighborhood of Allegheny West in North Philadelphia. The Initiative is a community-based program that provides parents, teachers, community members and volunteers with a unified approach, rooted in African cultural heritage that encourages and recognizes children who demonstrate the essential attributes of a Bright Light. These attributes include: working for positive change, reading 100 books a year, respecting elders and using knowledge to help others.
  • Ann Guise, Director
Contacts Phone: 215-748-5454
Fax: 215-748-6776
E-mail: ann@thebrightlights.org
4701 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
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Start Year 2001
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