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  • Guest blog: Matthew Saad Muhammad

    04/25/2012 11:09:00 AM
    Matthew Saad Muhammad is entering the ring for his next fight, as an advocate in the battle against homelessness. He's hosting "Knock Out Homelessness" on April 28 to raise awareness, and benefit local organizations working to end homelessness in Philadelphia. You can find more info on the event here. Below...
  • We're on the agenda

    04/23/2012 4:21:20 PM
    WOGL's The Philadelphia Agenda with Brad Segall hosted Matthew Saad Muhammad, former light heavyweight champion and Boxing Hall of Famer, our own Kevin Roberts and formerly homeless One Step Away writer and vendor Leslie to talk about One Step Away, Philadelphia's street newspaper, and our Knock Out Homelessness fundraiser.You can...
  • One Step Away throws out first pitch

    04/13/2012 11:37:51 AM
    One Step Away, Philadelphia's street newspaper that we are proud to publish and support, had the chance to throw out the first pitch before the Phillies game April 12. Matthew Saad Muhammad, the former light heavyweight champion and Boxing Hall of Famer and our Knock Out Homelessness spokesperson, had the...
  • The worst thing I've ever read

    04/05/2012 1:40:34 PM
    This is a family blog. But I honestly can't remember anything that made me want to go off on an expletive-laden rant like this ridiculous thing.This is an article about living like a billionaire. It starts off ridiculous: "Really, I wondered, what's so great about billionaires? What privileges and perks...
  • 'Hideous and shocking'

    04/04/2012 12:45:14 PM
    Earlier this month at RHD, we held a workshop and seminar on the issue of human trafficking, an under-covered and very under-the-radar issue in our society. It is just about as horrible as you can imagine -- and according to the United Nations, it may well be worse than we...
  • Voter ID bills are a stupid waste

    04/02/2012 3:35:37 PM
    Interesting to see Craigslist founder Craig Newmark take such a strong stand on the Voter ID bills (or more accurately, the  voter suppression bills) that are popping up all over the country -- including, unfortunately, Pennsylvania. His craigconnects group put out an awesome infographic about it, with this statement:“What I...