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  • You can help Knock Out Homelessness

    04/21/2011 6:00:08 PM
    Blake Dreisbach at Bleacher Report recently ranked the 20 best uppercuts of all time. Coming it at number seven is our own Matthew Saad Muhammad. You can watch it here. And, really, I think seven is too low. Wow. What a punch. Poor Lottie Mwale. He was 21-0 at...
  • South Africa's cash-free economy

    04/19/2011 11:09:39 AM
    Through One Step Away, the street newspaper produced by the homeless that we publish, we have access to the Street News Service, which is the independent news agency of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) and a cornerstone of their work to foster a strong and united street paper movement....
  • Give it a name

    04/12/2011 9:51:04 AM
    Our own Berta Britz, a peer specialist in RHD's Consultants in Context program (which supports a holistic approach to recovery including peer specialists, psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and licensed clinicians) was recently on a local radio show talking about recovery from mental health challenges and an interesting discussion broke out.A panel of...
  • Talking Equal Dollars in Vermont

    04/08/2011 9:08:00 PM
    I recently testified about companion currencies before the House Commerce Committee in Vermont. You can read about what happened here.
  • 'Losing our way'

    04/02/2011 9:33:34 PM
    If you haven't read Bob Herbert's farewell column in the New York Times, I recommend it. The New York Times is losing an important voice, one of the few people out there writing about poverty, the disenfranchised and people who are struggling out there in America. Wherever he lands next,...
  • 'RHD builds a culture of empowerment'

    04/01/2011 2:58:07 PM
    Erik Cassano of Smart Business Network did a wonderful job explaining what RHD strives to be in a profile he wrote titled: "Resources for Human Development builds a culture of empowerment." You can read it here.Did you know my first job was collecting rendered fat? It's true, as Erik got...