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  • A seven-year itch never scratched

    05/25/2010 9:39:21 AM
    I told Bert Wolfson, RHD’s chairman of the board, that I would stay for seven years when he hired me in 1970. Just seven. Luckily, he never called me on it, and I’ve stayed at RHD 33 years longer than I’d planned.This year Resources for Human Development celebrates 40 years...
  • This is how you should ask for things

    05/14/2010 1:25:31 PM
    Our arts programs across the country do amazing things every single day. Working with artists with intellectual disabilities, these programs produce great work and genuinely promote healing and learning opportunities through creative self-expression.They also have an awful lot of fun.The staff and clients at Blank Canvas Studios at RHD Missouri...
  • 'Searching for answers'

    05/06/2010 2:31:55 PM
    The Norristown Times Herald recently did a series on homelessness in Montgomery County that featured our own Genny O'Donnell of RHD's Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center (CHOC) and the Homelessness Prevention Center.The series is worth a read, as it takes a good look at homelessness, from the different causes to strategies...
  • On Executive Leaders Radio

    04/30/2010 8:35:44 PM
    Recently I was on WWDB-AM's Executive Leaders Radio with Herb Cohen talking about Resources for Human Development. You can listen to it here. Click on the April 9 show. I was on with John Fowler, Marty Rosen and Jeffrey Stello.