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  • On leadership and praise

    02/25/2010 9:02:24 AM
    Recently I had a chance to talk with Tom Cox, of Cox Business Consulting, who has a radio show called "Tom on Leadership." I was on with Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options and Mitch Pisik, President and CEO of Breckwell Products.Tom wrote about it on his leadership...
  • Rooting for the underdog

    02/04/2010 3:20:41 PM
    Maybe it was because I was born in Brooklyn and at that time I rooted for “doze bums” – the Brooklyn Dodgers. Everyone else made fun of the team, but I was a loyal fan. They were the underdog and when they won, everyone in Brooklyn, N.Y., felt that we...
  • A chance to pay more taxes? I say, 'Yes!'

    02/03/2010 9:26:21 AM
    Given the planned increase in taxes, I expect that my tax bracket will go up and I’ll have more U.S. taxes deducted from my pay.I say "yes" to this proposed action because it is part of a plan to increase tax payments for corporations and the financial sector – not...